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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Your Phone Screen Homework Question

Before or after the phone screen, depending on how things work out, you may be asked to complete a short programming exercise. It won't be something with a lengthy answer but it will require you to demonstrate an understanding of a few key Perl skills. Here is the one that I have used recently. It is a kind of "beginning intermediate" question about a type of problem that comes up reasonably often in serious Perl programming and that has a distinctive Perl solution. Ordinarily you would be allowed access to (and encouraged to use) the Internet and/or other references if necessary.

The problem:

Create a hash that represents a set of items, and another hash that represents another set of items.

Compute a hash that represents the union of both sets.

Compute a hash that represents the intersection of both sets.

Print out the contents of the union and intersection sets sorted in alphabetic order.


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